eBay wants buyers to feel confident purchasing on the site. “Our greatest difficulty,” he said, “is that the new, shiny, smart marketplaces look like eBay and try to mimic what they do. But they really don’t have the same dynamics, the same human dynamics.”

The new marketplaces are likely to make first mover advantages in inventory turnover much harder for eBay.

In a lot of ways, eBay’s primary advantage over the e-commerce operators in new markets is its users and price. On eBay, purchases can be tracked, revenues can be calculated, and people are happier there.

Ebay has 10 million users in the US, and global revenue growth is the envy of its competitors. While Amazon is the biggest platform for high-quality goods, eBay dominates its category: electronics. It controls about 97 percent of the global hardware and computer-maintenance-and-repair categories, plus it also offers the best prices (discover here all the details).

At the same time, it faces competitors that have created new platforms with huge potential.

eBay is also owned by eBay Inc., the second-largest technology company in the world. While e-commerce operates on the net, eBay may play more of a hardware-treating role, and are using their own “shopify” app as a basis for selling on their platforms.

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The competition is likely to be led by companies like Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., the Chinese company, who has demonstrated that it can command $400 billion in annual revenue.

The new entrants could enter through buyouts of existing tech brands, as Amazon did with Hotels.com, or through acquisitions. Yahoo Inc. and Google Inc., both new to the online business, have raised money and a billion-dollar funding round for acquisitions that might come to pass.

While eBay isn’t likely to face any such threat from a new player, the real danger will come from not allowing the market to evolve and create new tools and businesses that will not only benefit those buyers, but make the entire e-commerce business work better for the consumer.